Wednesday, 22 January 2014

5 Tips for Writing Better Headlines

Your headline or title is one the most important parts of your page. Whether a magazine article, email, blog or webpage you will either evoke curiosity or not.

By keeping it simple, and following a few rules you will be sure to engage your 
readers from the outset. 

Here are a few guidelines:

1.  Use Numbers
Start your title with a number. In particular a small number will indicate to your reader that this isn't going to take long.

2.  Use Interesting Adjectives
With interesting adjectives your reader will want to engage, they will open your article and read it, and that is what you want. Try these out and see what happens - Sexy, fun, vital, easy, best, increasing, important, essential.

3.  Offer Help
Tell your readers what you are going to help them - tips, tricks, ways, facts, principles, secrets.

4.  Use Why, What, How or When
Another way is to use Why, What, How or When at the beginning of your title - for example: How to Write an Engaging Headline. This tells the reader they are going to learn how to do something.

5.  Promise and Deliver
Your headline needs to make a promise. And your article needs to deliver on that promise. Simple.

So, as always, before you start writing... plan! Take a blank sheet of paper and brainstorm ideas for 1-5 above, then off you go, write away.

Here are a few example headlines:

    3 Way to Improve your Website Content
    How to Write a Clear & Concise Email
    10 Quick Tips for Better Letter Writing

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