Saturday, 9 November 2013

Perks of being a WAHM Part 1

I get asked all the time what I do for a job, my answer is always something along the lines of I have a small business, I work from home or if I don't really want to get into it I just say I am a stay at home mum.

The usual response I get is either the person looking at me with a strange look not really getting it or not thinking it's a real job or someone who thinks it must be so awesome to be able to work from home, be a stay at home mum and not have to go work.

I love being a WAHM, I get to stay at home with my daughter, do what I love, work around family commitments and not have to answer to a boss. I don't have to juggle work and daycare if my daughter is sick and once she is at school I will be able to attend sports days and school trips. 
Yes there are many perks to being a WAHM, and I am very lucky to be able to have the best of both worlds.

However there are also the disadvantages, I don't go to an office to work therefore I am always in a state of work and being a mum there is no separation between my 2 worlds. I am checking emails while I'm making breakfast, I am posting orders on my way to Playcentre and I am always trying to find a way to involve and occupy my daughter that doesn't involve TV when I have to get work done.

I once read a blog about being the perfect WAHM number one was always dress for the office, even though you are not technically going to work dress as though you are and leave the bunny slippers for bed time!

I stopped reading that blog, seriously I work from home who am I dressing up for the postie!

Time management has to be the number one challenge when it comes to being a WAHM balancing work and family is hard for everyone and working from home is exactly the same. I have also found that it isn't just me that my business effects, my family and friends have all helped me in one way or another-bouncing ideas around, suggestions, babysitting, building displays, all sorts. Without these beautiful people in my life none of this would have possible to begin with!

If you are thinking about being a WAHM make the decision carefully, take a risk, have fun and see where it can take you. Don't expect to make your first million over night (or ever) and do what makes you feel good, I get a great satisfaction from my business and even though there are some tough stressful times overall I love it!


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