Monday, 4 November 2013

My 2 cents- Giving Back.

I have always thought giving back is important, 

Just give whatever you are able!  This isn't a post about waving fingers and telling you to donate to a particular cause it is just about giving where you can, and my story about why I give!

Why do I give back? I give back because I feel as though I have a part to play and something to give, if even a small gesture can help someone why not! Rather selfishly it makes me feel good, it really does make you feel good to know you are helping someone even if it is just putting a smile on someones face for a day that is enough. I feel as though I am pretty lucky in my life with a beautiful daughter and a great family and why not share some of that love and make the Karma train go round! 

What if I have no money to give? It's not all about money!! Yes money is important to charity groups and organisations but it's not the only thing that goes into it. It could be as simple as doing an hours worth of gardening, selling some raffle tickets or sharing knowledge or skills to help improve the organisation.

I am short on time! We all live such busy lives and it is understandable that we are all so busy! Believe me I know it! With a business, a family, 2 blogs, a website and markets most weekends it is easy fill up your calender especially this time of year! 
If time is an issue there are still many things you can do to help, like spreading the word! Sharing things on Facebook, telling family and friends you may not have the time but someone else might! 

How I give back. I give back to a few different organisations in a few different ways, I donate money where I can even a few $$ in a bucket can make a difference! I donate time to our local Playcentre as President and this last weekend did some gardening and cleaning of the grounds. I also support charities by attending events and markets run by these organisations, I donate products to raffles and auctions. 

I also help other small business by sharing things on Facebook, blog features and purchasing items from them. While these aren't charities I think I have been given a great platform to promote and help other businesses, I have been told in the past not to promote other people and you can't be nice in the world of business. This is so untrue!!!! (more on this in a later post)

You can't help everybody! This is very true, you would be doing yourself and your family a disservice if you tried to donate money or time to every single organisation that asked. 

Who do I give to? I have a few charities who I always support, whether its a raffle ticket or donating some products or time. These are my local Playcentre because me and my daughter attend there and its great to do something in our new community. Mamaternity- I have friends who are involved in this charity and do a lot for it so I like to help where I can and SANDS- I myself have experienced the loss of a baby so this organisation while I have never used it for myself is such a valuable resource for families.  

That is all for now, just my 2 cents for the day x


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