Thursday, 3 October 2013

Welcome to the new blog!

Hi guys! I have decided to create a new blog Crazy Mother Crafter to blog about more personal stuff, I was trying to think of ways to integrate it with the Vintage Spice NZ but I found that to be really difficult to mesh so many different ideas together.

Not only am the face behind and Vintage Spice Unique Bouquets and Accessories
I am also a wife, mother, small business owner, home executive (more on this later), play center mum, home owner, dog and cat feeder, crafter, and of course I am a women! 

Please follow me on this journey I hope to bring you some awesome content full of fun with
  • Family recipes (that you can do with a toddler strapped to your leg.)
  • Family activities.
  • Ideas on keeping toddlers busy.
  • Honest product reviews.
  • DIY stuff for the home, family and craft.
  • Money saving and budgeting ideas.
And whatever floats my boat on the day!
 I a feeling very inspired about this blog, as I do about all the new things I try, I have always loved writing and blogging is even better because I am not wasting paper!

Love you all x


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